Weds 28 June 2023

Weds 28 June….Our drysuit repair service has been extremely busy this year, we cater for all types and makes, try our drysuit repair service for drysuit alterations or drysuit repairs. This week a suit came in with a passenger attached, this little chap hitched a ride from the coast.

Sunday 11 June 2023

Sunday 11 June…..Busy few weeks keeping up with suit repairs. Just received this suit for zip replacement, looks like its had wd40 on it to lubricate….obviously this is a complete no no, the only safe lubricate for me is beeswax on bdm zips.

May 10 2023

May 10….Well it’s certainly busying up, as the sailing and Kayaking season gets underway. Drysuits have been in storage and now as the dust is shaken off, the seals have perished. No problem, send it in and we can replace those for you in 5-7 days using our Drysuit Repair Service.